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  • Who We Are

    Global Ready develops and facilitates leadership programs that integrate justice, equity, sustainability and life purpose. Global Ready was established by Cat-Thao Nguyen, an author & executive in investment and corporate law. Over 20 years, she has had experience in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice initiatives and established Global Ready to bring about more kindness and dignity in the world.


    Global Ready LLC works across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Cat-Thao draws on her extensive lived experience as a refugee, cis-gendered woman who grew up in poverty and combines it with her corporate and non-profit experiences to create transformative programs. Global Ready is a Vietnam Partner and Australia Strategic Alliance of Lumina Learning – a global inclusive psychometric assessment company in over 70 countries. (www.luminalearning.com)


    Our team is comprised of professionals including organisational psychologists, executive coaches, academic researchers, artists, inclusion facilitators and management consultants. We are drawn together because we want a world where everybody belongs; where everyone feels celebrated for who they are and can therefore fully contribute their whole selves whilst integrating purpose and sustainability. We want you to lead effectively in this type of world. We are here to help you be Global Ready.

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  • What We Do

    We develop and facilitate leadership programs that integrate justice, equity, sustainability and life purpose.

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    Difference between Diversity & Inclusion? Difference between Equity and Equality?

    Diversity is a static state of differences. But Inclusion is when those differences, such as personality traits, career experiences, communication preferences, race etc, are actually recognised, valued, celebrated and leveraged for collective outcomes. How can you shift your organisational culture towards genuine inclusion? Equality is treating people the same. But Equity is where you recognise systemic barriers limiting people from achieving their full potential. It is not about ensuring people have exactly the same or equal experiences but ensuring people have equal opportunity at dignity.


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    Integration of purpose, justice and sustainability

    The systems we are living in are producing harmful effects for our planet, people and communities. Inequality is rising and environmental resources are being depleted. For those in positions of authority, there are fundamental questions to consider: What is my life purpose on this planet? How is that connected to sustainability and principles of justice (including climate justice), equity, inclusion and diversity? What is the legacy that I want to leave? How can I ensure meaning and sustained fulfilment in my life beyond fleeting moments of happiness?

  • Services

    We provide coaching, training and consulting in Inclusive Leadership, Racial Equity, Discovering & Living Purpose especially the integration of justice and individual purpose. We also have established programs in Unconscious Bias, Anti-Racism, Inclusive Leadership, Discovering & Living Purpose.

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    "Uncomfortable and absolutely necessary"

    "The Inclusive Leadership program was challenging, uncomfortable and absolutely necessary. To create the truly diverse, inclusive and dynamic teams that organisations require in order to succeed, leadership groups need to confront and challenge the status quo. The Inclusive Leadership program systematically raises awareness of areas that organisations must address, while simultaneously providing practical advice and tools (such as the Lumina assessment tool) to better engage and empower our people. I would highly recommend the program for all leadership teams that want to create a high-performing and inclusive culture within their organisation"
    Paul Howes
    National Managing Partner - KPMG Australia, Enterprise.
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    "confronting and significant leadership programs"

    "I found the Inclusive Leader program to be one of the most eye-opening, confronting and significant leadership programs I have participated in. Through highlighting the importance of always seeking to understand the complex situations and challenges people are facing, both at work and often more importantly outside of work, the program has given me the awareness and practical tools to better engage, empathise and empower my team.

    The Lumina tool in particular has helped me to better understand and reflect on the strengths I bring to teams, while giving me a greater awareness of my own ‘blind spots’ to ensure I seek out individuals and teams with those assets. Through beginning to implement many of the practical suggestions from the program in day-to-day interactions with my team, I have already noticed a new dynamic developing in which my team feel more comfortable and empowered, I look forward to continuing along the journey."


    Peter Bentley
    Partner, Enterprise Executive
    KPMG Australia


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    "transformational, self affirming"

    "Going through the sessions with Cat-Thao was a transformational, self affirming experience. It is something that I have been searching for throughout my adulthood as I’ve sought to solidify my own
    identity - an opportunity for deep self inquiry and reflection going horizons beyond the usual personal and professional development approaches. Through Cat-Thao’s masterful facilitation and one of a kind ability to spark genuine person to person interactions, an entire room of strangers quickly became a family, sharing our hurts, our hopes and ultimately our humanity. Going through the program changed the way I think about myself as a person and as a leader, and showed me that I am not alone on my journey. I now have a toolkit for life that allows me to continue to nurture others - and myself - to remember who we are."


    Joey Nguyen, Partner at Deloitte Digital and Co-Founder & Executive Director Venntifact

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    "significant impact"

    “Ingredion Asia Pacific has started to partner with Cat Thao in building a diverse, equitable and inclusive working environment for all of its employees since 2019. Cat-Thao has provided amazing support and assistance in designing and facilitating numerous DEI workshops for our Executive Regional Leadership Team, sub-region business leadership teams and all people managers. These workshops have made significant impact for Ingredion to foster an inclusive work environment where each person is valued and feels inspired to contribute their best. We would have no hesitation in recommending Cat-Thao for her passion and in-depth DEI expertise in supporting any enterprise to accelerate their DEI agenda with real impact."


    Quang Nguyen, Human Resources Director, Ingredion South East Asia, India and ANZ

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    "purpose& legacy"

    "I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many wonderful growth, learning and leadership programs over the years.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the time spent with Cat-Thao on purpose and legacy went the deepest - and was the most impactful for not just myself, but every other person in the cohort who experienced it alongside me.

    Cat-Thao's facilitation is skillful and inspiring. Deep empathy combined with an extraordinary breadth of expertise allowed for a range of people from diverse backgrounds to shed themselves of their outer layers and delve straight into the core of what matters.

    Most tellingly, I return to the framework introduced in the program again and again in my mind as I am faced with new situations. This is the mark of an impactful program - one that lingers with you long after you leave the room. You will be a better leader, friend and person for having done this program."


    Dianne Phan, Founder & CEO, Origino

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    "most rewarding and insightful journey"

    I have found the programme one of the most rewarding and insightful journeys I have been on in my career.We can not underestimate the importance of cultural mindfulness not only in the workplace but in our everyday lives.The programme leads us on a path of self-awareness. We must all speak up against racism. Thank you Cat for leading the conversation.


    Amanda BondPartner, KPMG Australia

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